The statement makers

Published in SA Home Owner

17 December 2020

A headboard will anchor your bed and create a focal point in your bedroom. Our interior experts share their favourite headboard ideas.

Audi Snÿman Interior DesignThe bigger the better

“A bedroom without a headboard is like a body without a head: it is definitely a need-to-have (rather than a nice-to-have) piece of furniture. There are a number of considerations that will inform your choice, including the shape, style, colour, fabric and material.

“However, as a starting point, my top tip is that if you are going to include a headboard in your interior, then make a statement with it – i.e. choose the biggest one the space (and your budget) allows. Ultimately, whatever you do choose, don’t skimp on quality! This piece of furniture is bound to be loved and cherished for years to come.” – Audi Snÿman, owner of Audi Snÿman Interior Design

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 About Audi Snÿman

As a renowned interior designer, Audi’s clients describe her as creative, passionate and innovative. Her passion and ability to interpret personality into a living or functional space and the psychology behind interior design are what separates her from the mundane. Audi creates spaces that are uniquely tailored to the individual. It is not her design philosophy that counts – it is about honing a style down to its very essence creating the aspirations and dreams of the client.