A dining evolution

Published in SA Home Owner
October 2020 edition

In this feature we look at how dining rooms have evolved from being about sharing a meal with close friends and family to being a multifunctional space, thanks to our new open-plan way of living.

According to Audi Snÿman of Audi Snÿman Interior Design: “Our lifestyles, ways of living and the desire for more interaction have seen a move from a separate, closed-off dining room to an open-plan area that flows from the kitchen. Dining rooms are no longer fancy, seldom-used trophy rooms that we are overprotective of. Instead, our dining spaces have become more spacious, accommodating and inviting more guests to move freely and easily around the table. The social and shared aspect of food preparation has become important, and it’s no longer the host’s job to prepare food in solitude in the kitchen. In fact, often the meal preparation time is a highlight of the get-together and has become an interactive experience everyone can share in. Our gatherings have also grown larger, and often require the utilisation of the kitchen countertop or island as a serving area, or the breakfast nook as additional seating space for the kids.”

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Audi Snÿman Interior Design - A dining evolution

About Audi Snÿman

As a renowned interior designer, Audi’s clients describe her as creative, passionate and innovative. Her passion and ability to interpret personality into a living or functional space and the psychology behind interior design are what separates her from the mundane. Audi creates spaces that are uniquely tailored to the individual. It is not her design philosophy that counts – it is about honing a style down to its very essence creating the aspirations and dreams of the client.

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