A peek in the master-bedroom

Audi Snÿman | Interior Designer - A peek in the master-bedroomIn our last post on Facebook in June we asked for your thoughts on designing the interior of the master bedroom. Should one create an interior that speaks only to you and your partner? Or one you’d be all too happy sharing with friends who are taking a tour of your home?

The master bedroom, in my opinion, is definitely a private space. One that is not shared with friends or family, and one in which both partners feel entirely comfortable. Your bedroom is a place for rest and romance and you should create a space where you feel well in your skin.

In terms of colours I would choose calming hues rather than bright colours. One can combine vibrant with more subtle tones, which works extremely well with small bursts of colour and accents. Red is a colour I would use sparingly in the bedroom, as it is incredibly strong and intimidating. Blues can be chilly and cold, but the moment you add a warmer colour to a blue, the effect is amazing. Green, in various shades, is a versatile, subtle and calming colour that works well as part of a colour palette in the bedroom. The important thing is that whatever colour you choose, it should relax you rather than leave you feeling uptight.

The more fabric, the cosier a room feels and I especially love beautiful curtains that soften the windows or doors. The bed should be dressed so that it looks soft and inviting, and you feel like you just want to curl up on it, joined by a good book. If you prefer to do your reading seated, then a comfortable reading corner, with a chair for each of you, adds a nice touch. You can add a small table to place your glass or mug, in-between sips of your favourite drink.

In terms of flooring, my first option for a bedroom is always wall-to-wall carpets, but if people suffer from allergies, then I would suggest a timber floor above a tiled floor, as the latter is quite cold. It’s nice to have a small loose rug next to each side of the bed (it adds colour too!), so that when your feet first hit the ground in the mornings, they are gently welcomed to the day.

Surround yourself with beautiful paintings on the wall, of images that make you happy and that sooth you. If you’d like to have family photographs in the room, I suggest smaller photographs on a dressing table or on little pedestals. This allows for more regular changes should you want to update to the latest family or vacation moments you’ve captured.

You can also soften a room with clever lighting, and pedestal lamps are a firm favourite of mine. The important feature in whichever lamp you select, is that it must be dim-able. Soft music also adds to the atmosphere and I always allow for at least a small music system when planning my clients’ private spaces. I’m a little old-fashioned in this regard, but in my view a television has no business in the intimate space of the master bedroom. Technology not only distracts but gets in the way of conversation and the bedroom should be a place where you can briefly escape from the world.

The master bedroom is of course not the only sleeping quarter in the house. Whilst guest bedrooms are not occupied all the time, they still need to be warm and inviting. Parents with children know that they tend to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, and as more people are realising that their children need this space to recharge, I am seeing a trend to create dedicated study areas. By moving academic activity out of the bedroom we are making that space one in which they can relax, kick back and just be themselves.

Something that has become very apparent to me during my years in the industry is that it is important to get the holder of the purse-strings on board from the word go! Budgeting for and consideration of interior costs are not always top of mind when people start planning their home, and often the majority of the available funds will go into the shell. My standard response to this is that bricks and mortar may create a house, but the feathers of the nest will make the home. More on this next month.