Audi’s story - Transforming interiors from ordinary to exceptional

Internationally recognized Audi Snÿman loves her hands-on creative career as an interior designer. Her practice has grown to embrace a team of talent excited to breathe life into your dream. For over 25 years Audi has been at the forefront of curating new styles and embracing cutting-edge technology to create truly  spectacular spaces and interiors across South Africa and abroad.

“My greatest reward is when my clients are expressing their happiness and joy with our creations. I enjoy spending time with them, getting to understand their personality and familiarising myself with their lifestyle. All of this helps me translate their brief into a beautiful home and living spaces, creating a perfect match of their vision. It is a personal space and that is the way it should remain,” says Audi, who is extremely discreet about her client and project portfolio.

“It is a personal space and that is the way it should remain” she says.

Audi’s initial childhood dream of becoming a creative interior designer was put on hold for a decade, while she pursued a career as a microbiologist. Then, 25 years ago she made the momentous decision to shelve her microbiology degree, and embark on a creative journey that would see her deliver homes to many a discerning client, within which it was possible to “live your best life”. 

The greatest compliment you can pay Audi and her team is trusting them to create and curate your personal space. Audi’s values of trust, respect, and integrity flow through every fibre of her studio and interior business. She appreciates detail, and infuses the client’s personal style into the ambience of their home.

Audi’s mantra of being organised, committed and deadline-driven has allowed her to develop many exceptional spaces: from bachelor pads, to grand homes to exclusive boutique hotels.

The basic principles of her design process are her commitment to seeing a project through – from conceptual planning, development, research, site inspections, communication with all role players, design execution and construction management, all the way through to occupation. No detail is too small, and no budget item ever overlooked.

Audi delivers world-class interior spaces and a service that transcends the traditional prescriptive approach to interiors. In many ways, she fulfils the role of an interior architect and planner, and offers a full turnkey solution to her clients.

Her comprehensive experience spans every detail, starting with the practical elements of developing the concept. Her contributions to the initial architectural design, interior architecture and space planning per room, as well as the requisite services are assets to every new build project. Her creative flair combined with the practical advice and wisdom she imparts has seen many a happy client become a firm friend.

She is generous when it comes to advising about interiors, art selection, handcrafted furniture, functional furniture and conversation pieces, soft furnishings, textiles, colour combinations, statement pieces, antiques, repurposing of existing heritage items, and will always go the extra mile.

Her love of design and creativity is palpable. She is an extraordinary professional who thrives on the challenge of creating homes that are perfect fits for her clients.

“Audi is a beautiful and kind woman and I knew from our initial meeting that I wanted to work with her. She was so knowledgeable, and she seemed to know exactly what my husband and I were interested in.”

– Hentie Pieterse