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Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide and Platform

Published in SA Home Owner
5 June 2019

Curl up in a cosy nook with a hot drink and your book of the moment – winter is here and it’s time to get comfy in the ultimate reading corner.

Create a reading corner for the kids

Audi Snÿman, owner of Audi Snÿman Interior Design, offers her advice on how you can create a cosy reading space for your kids: “For children’s reading corners, consider using different toys to decorate the space. Include stuffed animals, toy cars, a flashlight, or a fairytale-inspired reading haven – the stuff of any booklover’s dreams. Add a reading space to a home office for children to cuddle up and read while mum or dad works. It will also hold an extra special place in the heart of a child. The entire space should quite literally bring the novel to life. Creatively using the space in a child’s room is a way of stimulating an interest in reading. One idea would be to repurpose spare cupboards, by removing the doors, adding a padded bench seat across the width of the closet, and then adding a wall-mounted light fixture. Built-in drawers underneath the seat and shelf space above mean the cupboard still offers storage. This is a perfect place for a child to curl up and get lost in books.”

Full article published in SA Home Owner

About Audi Snÿman

As a renowned interior designer, Audi’s clients describe her as creative, passionate and innovative. Her passion and ability to interpret personality into a living or functional space and the psychology behind interior design are what separates her from the mundane. Audi creates spaces that are uniquely tailored to the individual. It is not her design philosophy that counts – it is about honing a style down to its very essence creating the aspirations and dreams of the client.

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