Getting off on the right foot

Audi Snÿman | Interior Designer - Getting off the on the right foodIf you have, currently are, or are planning to build a new house as a greenfield project, then it really pays off to know what you are committing to financially from the outset. Especially when you have set your expectations of the finished product very high.

When I’ve been invited to participate in new home projects that are well underway, more often than not, I have found myself consoling disappointed clients that have had to revert to plan C, D or even E when it comes to feathering their nests. Their building projects reach a point where all of a sudden, hidden or unforeseen costs raise their ugly heads, and clients find themselves in the unfortunate position where compromises must be made.

People tend to assume that running over budget, or running out of money, is just an evil that is part and parcel of building a new home. In my opinion, this is far from the truth, and can certainly be avoided with proper procedures and planning. This is also a compelling reason to get all contributors to your home involved from the word go.

Knowing what it will cost
The bigger your project, the more important it is to be well-informed and updated on a regular basis. Based on your stand size there will be limitations on how big you can build the structure, and in addition to your building costs, it’s vital to know what to budget to feather your nest inside and out.

Most of my current projects are collaborative ones, where the team consists of project manager, architect, building contractor, as well as landscape architects and interior designers. Through working together, we are able to let our clients have a clear view of the financial commitment required to achieve their vision. If I am required to do provide an entire interior, from the smallest teaspoon to the most fabulous customised rugs and artwork, this will all appear in the budget I supply.

Realising your vision
Costing each element of a project is a mammoth task, and it is here that we require our client to make some key decisions.
After I’ve gotten to know my client and have started to merge their wants and needs with creative inspiration, I provide the
client with an initial 2D for each and every room if so required. As far as the finances are concerned, there should be no
surprises. We cost these offerings before it is created, always with the client’s budget in mind.

Avoiding heart ache
Building a home can be a stressful event even without things going wrong, and where-ever I’m involved I try to shield my clients from unnecessary heart ache. If the various parties responsible for different aspects of the build aren’t talking to each other, then things can go wrong. A building contractor, working in isolation, would not necessarily know that you have your heart set on home automation, or even what the requirements to achieve this entail. As retro-fitting the plug points required for this across an entire four-bedroomed home can be quite costly, this function may have to be sacrificed if the build has gone too far.

It’s essential to have a clear overview of what, where, and how much of your money is required to make your dream home a reality. If you have a team, working together as a unit to achieve your vision, it’s easier to manage your financial commitment. My main intention, as part of this equation, will always be to make your heart swell with pride, rather than missing a beat when costs go through the roof. Please, if you are thinking of a new home venture, get me around the table from the word go.