It’s not about me, it’s all about you

Audi Snÿman | Interior Designer - Its not about me, its all about you imgWe’re all individuals, with our own stories to tell, and our homes are an extension of this unique tale. I guess if I had a signature style it would make my vocation easier, but I really do prefer seeking and finding the perfect fit for my clients.

There are designers who survive on a signature style, and there are clients who want to be associated with that. However, to be very honest, I don’t want people to walk into a house and immediately think “Aha, Audi from Audi Snÿman Interior Design designed this”. I want them to walk into my clients’ homes and think “Wow. You have the most beautiful place, and it fits you like a glove.”Versatility is really important to me, and it’s part of the design process that I thrive on. After meeting new clients and spending time getting to know them, I am purposeful about exploring new avenues of inspiration, that have been sparked by our conversations. I tell prospective clients that it is their dream for their home that should come true, and not mine.

Working on more than one project at a time keeps me on my toes. It’s exciting to step from one house to another to the next, and this diversity helps me to keep my focus on what we have identified as your specific niche. There simply is no ‘one size fits all’ in my interior design dictionary.

As your interior designer I am there to advise, to help you define your vision, and then to help you realise it. I am there to facilitate the process, and to interpret your words in order to create an interior design proposal that is a reflection of who you, and your family are. At the end of the day, we are spending your money, on your house and I want to make sure that every cent you spend is spent wisely. While I want you to feel immensely proud of it, I also want you to feel like you are coming home each time you open that front door.

For the uninitiated the huge variety of choices one is faced with when contemplating interiors can be overwhelming… I will ask you many questions, but by the time we’ve spent some time together, my interior suggestions to you should be spot on. Importantly, if you don’t immediately love something I propose, it’s a no. You will not feel bullied or pushed into making a choice that is easy for me to fulfil, or one which I prefer.

Focusing on my client as a unique individual is a philosophy that seems to resonate with the people whose homes I have had the privilege of transforming. Testament to my ability to do so is the fact that I’ve remained friends with so many of my clients. This is wonderful, as it tells me that I have earned their trust.

So yes. It’s not about me at all. It’s all about you.