Lighting Trends for 2019

Audi Snÿman Interior Design - Lighting Trends for 2019

When it comes to changing your interior lighting, look no further – here some lighting trends for 2019 that are sure to set the perfect mood for your home.

For most homeowners, creating the “wow” factor is essential and should attract instant attention to any room. Many times, lighting fixtures tend to act as centrepieces and often come with elaborate designs that focus all the attention in a space. In an effort to try and understand atmosphere, one needs to first understand the different types of light and how they interact with each other.

Here are some top lighting trends for 2019:

  • Eco-Friendly Design – Eco-Friendly lighting is cost-saving for any homeowner and helps to cut down on your carbon footprint. From energy-saving bulbs to finding new ways to upcycle, eco-friendly lighting design is what you should focus on this year.
  • Wood Alternatives – Wood Alternatives offer a lifelike wood aesthetic that is environmentally responsible, lightweight, cheaper than real wood, and easier to clean and maintain.
  • Natural Materials – Natural Materials as “sustainability” and “efficiency” are currently on everyone’s lips, and greater environmental sensitivity can be observed.
  • Industrial Style – Industrial style lighting has always been about rustic finishes, neutral colours and an emphasis on metal. We are seeing retro making a comeback but in a different way.
  • Metallic Finish – Metallic lighting provide an alternative solution to the desire for a rustic, industrial metal look without the expense and environmental issues.
  • Geometric Shapes – Geometric lighting such as clean lines and crisp edges offer beautiful symmetry through bold geometric shapes. Circles, orbs, squares and rectangles play together in an alluring dance of lines and geometry.
  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting has become popular in living rooms and dining rooms across the country. Accent lighting guides the eye to the illuminated part of the room, highlighting the focal point.

Lighting has become an important topic for interior designers when it comes to home decor. It creates drama and warmth to any space which provides an atmospheric light throughout the day and more importantly in the evenings. With lighting being one of the most indispensable items of our homes, it is more than often overlooked. From oversized to petite, there are plenty of options to consider when creating the perfect room that will remain unique to you.

Whether you looking to create a statement in a dining room, or want something that is eye-catching in the kitchen, the various lighting options on offer – one is truly spoilt for choice. The many shapes and sizes available allow you to cater for all spaces and will maintain their striking appeal.

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