Our commitment is to you

Design is our passion.

Audi Snÿman Interior Design studio aspires to build your dreams while creating a premium, luxurious, sophisticated, and innovative space for you to live and work in. This commitment to our clients is supported by our promise to pay attention to the utmost detail and craft brilliance as we mould your interiors. We strive to create spaces that exude elegance and class, always striving to deliver on our promise of enabling clients to “live your best life”.

This all starts with getting to know you personally and what is important to you. Your culture, your interests, your passions and how you want to live. Our aim is to create a magnificent, chic and perhaps eclectic environment that will help you thrive and be happy. This could be a personal, safe, and family environment, or a boutique hotel where you want to be touched by a sense of luxury and calm.

We embrace individuality and will assist clients selecting or commissioning perfect pieces of art, or bespoke and unique handcrafted statement pieces, embracing a wide international reach of suppliers and designers.

Our mission is to create beautiful, exclusive, sophisticated client homes and retreats through visionary flair and bespoke solutions based on a trusting relationship, deliver cutting-edge technology in all aspects of the building and interiors industries. Our vast technical and aesthetic knowledge means we can conceptualise your brief with the best visual storyboards and displays, videos and presentations, culminating in relaxing, unique contemporary and luxurious spaces of superior quality.

Our commitment to you is to deliver a seamless transformation from concept creation to completion of the project. Within the agreed programme and budget. We pride ourselves on time management, sometimes under significantly tight deadlines.

Our vision is to be the premier design house of choice where the discerning and established client comes to make their dream home a reality.

Turnkey Project management

Engaging with architects on behalf of the client for the construction of:

  • Private residences
  • Exclusive Boutique Hotels & Country Retreats
  • Luxury Safari tents
  • Game Reserves and Lodges
  • Bed & Breakfast Guest houses
  • Conference facilities
  • Entertainment & Leisure Holiday Resorts
  • Cinemas
  • Spas, gymnasiums, or saunas
  • Wine cellars
  • Religious spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate offices

Our service execution

All interior components are sourced by Audi Snÿman Interior Design. Our mission is to maximise flow and light in your interior and every individual space is carefully considered and then furnished on our client’s terms. We want to bring a warm, bold, and bright innovative charm to your space and make it shine, whilst at the same time upholding traditional values without being afraid to create a new style for you.

Our commissions are purpose built and embrace some of the best design skills in the world from a Versace plate to a handcrafted African table. Our contacts cover every need from the best Italian marble to the finest English china. If you want it, we will find it.

Our service includes the installation, execution, and embellishment of all designer components. Creating designer kitchens, luxurious bedrooms, beautiful bathrooms, functional gymnasiums, and all the fine elements that these require. We are here to empower you to live your best life!