Own your interior

Audi Snÿman | Interior Designer - Own your interiorI always encourage my clients to follow their hearts when it comes to their interiors, and not to be too distracted by the latest design trends, although I must admit that some of them are quite appealing and many do have longevity.

A few months back I blogged about sustainability and environmental interiors, and it seems a trend that is definitely here to stay. Another favourite is something that we term as ‘contemporary vintage’ that sees some family heirlooms or favourite antiques being incorporated into a contemporary interior. This concept of mixing the old with the new is also evident through the incorporation of beautiful and culturally unique aspects into our interiors – via the textiles and fabrics used on curtains, furniture and rugs. Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are extremely popular accessories, not only for their myriad of elaborate colours and artistic designs, but also because the good ones are made to last forever. Contemporary African rugs combine traditional geometric patterns and zigzags and can really finish off an otherwise clean interior. Also, buying a hand-woven, locally made item contributes to the sustainability of those who lovingly handcraft these pieces of art.

Imagine the luxurious feel of a rug or carpet under your feet as you sit in your favourite sunny spot,  escaping the outside world for an hour or two… Homes with nooks and crannies, little hideouts and havens are also become more and more popular as we seek some quiet time – away from technology, away from the hustle and bustle and away from our communal living areas. These calm areas are places you can spend some undisturbed time, reading a book, scrolling through your FaceBook feed or looking at Pinterest as you plan next year’s interior revamp.

However, as it is the festive month of December, you will more likely be finding yourselves in those entertainment spaces I blogged about in November, or away from home as you enjoy a well-deserved vacation. If you do celebrate Christmas you’ll be familiar with the lights, candles and candies, the trees, the gift wrapping, the stockings… and of course here in South Africa we like to celebrate Christmas with sunshine, rather than snow.

As a purist, I believe that your Christmas decorations should complement your interior, and have found some exquisite trees made of the most incredible wood, or comprising only of lights – they look too beautiful and really create an amazingly festive atmosphere. Whether your tree is fake, or real, wood or tinsel, as long as it creates the right atmosphere for you, it’s a winner. I always say, you should own your interior space, and what you put in it!

I love this time of year, during which, despite celebrations, we get to relax and rejuvenate and spend quality time with our family and friends. I would like to take this opportunity too to wish you all a safe, well-deserved rest, and to thank you for your support during 2018. Until we meet again in 2019, God bless.