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Published in SA Home Owner
20 May 2020

Neutrals are the glue that keeps a colour kaleidoscope together. Using neutrals helps to contrast any other colours, be they pastels or really loud expressions of colour.

Neutrals can be a soft grey, charcoal, dove grey, beige and even an off white. They form the base tone but do not carry the theme. In the image with the gallery wall I used a neutral dove grey with two shades of teal as complementary colours.

To enhance the neutral colour in the room, the walls are textured in a grey tone, one shade lighter than the couch. The tiles are in perfect harmony with the walls. In the lounge with the fireplace, charcoal is the neutral colour. Different shades of grey were introduced in the room, including a textured grey carpet, with a slightly shiny stainless steel fire screen for detail on the wall.

A two-tone coffee table with charcoal frame and concrete stone top and charcoal mirrored base add texture to the family entertainment space and the opulent shades of teal and ochre feature on the velvet-covered corner unit.

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