Our featured photographs tell stories of dreams come true and  bring clients spaces to life. Take a journey through the rooms below. The broad range of our interiors is as wide as your imagination, and whether your style is contemporary, modern industrial with a playful edge, traditional, Mediterranean, French-inspired, African, or bold and boundary-breaking, we have the expertise and ability to help you express yourself. Your style is our template on which to build. 

Welcoming entrances

First impressions count and Audi Snÿman Interior Design knows how to deliver style, luxury, and glamour. We want to represent a visual personal statement that is creative and unique to your lifestyle the moment you step into your world. We are experts in the field of creating exclusive, sophisticated, and bespoke residential and commercial spaces.

Living areas

Perfection is key when planning luxurious interiors. Our aesthetic approach focuses on making a statement that is unique with personal touches that reflect your taste. From fresh contemporary, on trend modern, classic to traditional we focus on the absolute best details to create your look. That is what our clients love and admire the most.


We use innovative creativity when it comes to developing a seamless flow from interior to exterior. Maximising space with light and optimising the environment so you enjoy its best perspective. Indoor and outdoor living is key to making your space relaxing after a busy day.


It is especially important that we create a tranquil and peaceful sleeping space. Bespoke beds and luxurious accessories can make the bedroom your sanctuary, away from it all. Regardless of the size and style of the bedroom, the colours and lighting along with soft furnishings need to enhance that feeling of serenity. Luxurious linens and fabrics all add to a sense of calm. We also focus on  designing ambient guest rooms and inspirational children’s rooms with fun play areas. Draw inspiration from these bedrooms below and see how we can create unique sleeping areas for you.


Peaceful and tranquil bathrooms are as important as any other area of the home, Audi Snÿman Interior design ensures all the details are in place to create beautiful private spaces. Using local and international suppliers, bespoke bathrooms are created with fun and flair.


Internationally renowned Audi Snÿman is well established in corporate design after decades of experience. Our knowledge of installation and coordination of workplace solutions gives us an undeniable edge. We are present at every phase of the project with the client’s ultimate satisfaction being our number one priority.

Safari lodges

Internationally renowned Audi Snÿman has been involved in the design of luxurious high-end lodge interiors for decades, focussing on both South Africa and abroad. Our intimate understanding of the African bushveld and how to bring the safari experience alive in an interior setting is well noted.