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Our commitment is to you


At Audi Snÿman Interior Design our commitment is to you. We provide innovative and effective assistance under tight time constraints. We are able to draw on our rich intellectual capital, an extensive knowledge base and a unique degree of access to cutting edge technology in various spheres of our industry.

In summary, we ensure the seamless creation and transformation of your space from conception all the way through to completion.

Our service offering

Audi Snÿman Interior Design’s unique approach is based on a wide spectrum service delivery for various categories of its wide customer base:

Turnkey Project management

Engaging with architect when client envisaged construction of a:

  • Dwelling
  • Cinema
  • Spa, gym and sauna
  • Wine cellar
  • Religious spaces
  • Catering and laundry facilities
  • Conference facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Safari Tents and ablution design

Designing the new building

  • On-boarding the client from day one
  • Continuous liaising with client and full complement of construction team
  • Continuous dialogue to establish look & feel,
    preferences and expectations

Advise on any other amendments to the plan/design as building progresses

  • Provide different scenarios to align budget and trends
  • Broker any changes and revisions of the plan

Costing and advice on all interior finishes forming part of the construction phase

  • Wall finishes (paint, tiles, wall paper, cladding etc.)
  • Floor finishes (tiles, timber, carpets etc.)
  • Lighting layout and design
  • Carpentry (cupboards, cabinets, shelving etc.)
  • Bathroom ceramics, taps and accessories
  • Green energy
  • Home automation
  • Air conditioning

Visit building site to ensure compliance of interior specifications

  • Team and personal visits to confirm pre-planning on site
  • Feedback to architect, building contractor and other service providers
  • Overseeing of window designs (curtains and blinds), to align with the planned construction design
  • Proposals tabled to client to correspond and align with look & feel of the architectural and interior design
  • Manage installation of various interior design components in accordance with timeline

Continuous contact and communication with architect and building project manager on any aspect of the project

  • Create liaison relationship between architect and building project manager pertaining to all interior design queries and requirements
  • Attend to progress on site on a regular basis
  • Providing feedback to client on a regular basis

Interior Design

  • Furniture design and manufacturing
  • Window dressing (curtaining, blinds, shutters)
  • Sourcing and commissioning of paintings, sculptures and objects d ’Art
  • Sourcing and commissioning of hand knotted carpets and rugs
  • Commissioning designs of detailed floor and wall tiling
  • Bathroom, bedroom and dining room linen and accessories (cutlery and crockery) and purpose made products
  • Complete sourcing, equipping and furnishing of kitchen utilities
  • Complete sourcing, equipping and furnishing of gyms and spa’s.

Service Execution


All interior requirements are sourced by Audi Snÿman Interior Design from all over the globe, and it is not limited to the general idea of traditional curtains, blinds, upholstered and other furniture, objects d ’Art, bathroom, bedroom and dining room accessories and purpose made products.

We go beyond your expectations with purpose-made products by commissioning work on any product or item.

Furthermore, our Service Offering culminates in the installation, execution and embellishment of each and every item selected and chosen for your home. After the tiling and lighting, and tap and switch, kitchen utensil and dust bin were correctly installed, the furniture, dressing of the windows and object d ‘Art will be placed correctly as agreed.

I found her to be very warm; I felt she was someone I could work with. She took the time to help me articulate what I wanted done. She never rushed me during the job, and was able to stick to very tight deadlines. – Nolitha